Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Photo Sniper

Are you a photo sniper? Maybe you know a photo sniper? I think of myself has a photo sniper. I like to shoot unsuspecting random victims. Someone who unknowingly shows a side of themselves for photo snipers, like me, to capture and share with others. My favorite - other photographers.

I have great admiration for portrait photographers. Some of them can get the most stunning photographs. The details, the light, the beauty that they capture, truly amazes me. Personally though, I prefer and admire, photo journalists, or in my case, photo snipers, who catch people unawares and captures a true, unplanned moment and expression. Real Life!

To all of you photo snipers out there - I hold my camera up to you and salute you for sharing that one special little piece of time with the rest of us.