Saturday, April 28, 2012

Hanging out in the tulip fields

Sometimes it is just plain fun to hang out with a bunch of photographers.  Our workshops are always fun, with a little underlying seriousness to them.  For fun this summer I decided to do a series of 'Spur of the Moments' photo outings. Inviting photographers to come with us to wherever the camera leads us, to have fun, photograph, share and hang out. 

For the first outing we went to the tulip fields.  You cannot live in Skagit Valley and be a photographer without photographing the tulip fields. This year I heard grumblings from a lot of photographers about how tulip photos all looked alike anymore. There was nothing new.  Did this mean boredom had set in? We were uninspired? No imagination left? 

I thought, what does it matter? Why not just have fun and hang out. Enjoy the evening, the camaraderie of others and see what happens.  Why stress out about a perfect shot, or how to be different? Sometimes the same ole, same ole, is actually quite fun, relaxing and comforting.  Sometimes it can release those creative juices and inspire something new. Maybe not a new version of a tulip shot? But something later on might happen.

Enjoy the same ole, same ole - you never know where that might take you.........

The fun shots! 

Gumby was a big hit with the group.  Photo by Per Lea

photo by Bev Rud

Group Shot

Fish eye lens with yellow boots - photo by Per Lea


Now for a more traditional serious shots!

 photo by Gretchen Thomas


photo by Tony Locke


photo by Betty Wright


 photo by Karla Locke