Monday, August 23, 2010

Is learning photography no longer needed?

Is learning photography no longer needed?

I recently read an article by a Pro Photographer stating that the author believes that people don’t want to learn photography anymore, thanks to digital photography. The author basically said that with today’s cameras being so good that people can just keep shooting until they get some images they like. And with products like Photoshop you can fix most images that might need it. So why learn the principles of photography, or how to use the camera correctly?

As a Producer of photography workshops, I am not sure if I agree with this or not. Sure there are people who think they don’t need to learn. Pixels are free and you can shoot as much as you want, and if you get some goods ones great. And that’s ok, if that is the kind of photographer you want to be, mediocre or ok at best, that is just fine. But I find that there are still a lot of people who want to learn, even if it’s just the basics. It is not because they want to go pro, or become famous. They just have a strong passion for it and want to learn to do it better.

Taking a class or workshop on photography or camera basics, is not just about learning though. It is a great way to form friendships and explore this visual world with others who share your passion. It’s about growth, exploration, creativeness and fun.

There are 1000’s of websites and workshops on the subject. So that should tell us that people do want to learn photography. If anything, there are more of them because of digital. It has made it more accessible, in some ways more affordable and easier and a lot more fun.

Karla Locke

By instructor Matt Brown

I have had the same feeling for some time., Many don't want to learn photography. Their attitude is "trial and error" is just fine. The same people often brag, "you should see the shot I got the other day", and then go on to say they have no idea what happened, but one came out really good.

I have many conversations (when I'm on a shoot) with people that ask, "do you teach" or more to the point, "just what are you trying to do here", and I will take a few seconds to explain and they go, "oh yeah, I get it now".

The truth is that most people want to learn. They have learned that being frustrated, in not knowing why one came out, is indeed frustrating and learning is still fun. And cheaper in the long run.

By instructor Vince Streano

Here are my thoughts on the subject:

You are no more a photographer because you own a digital camera than you would be
an artist if you owned a paintbrush and some oils. The creative process happens in
your mind, not in the tools you use. The digital camera, as good as it is, cannot
compose your image, create your lighting, or snap the picture at the optimum moment
for the greatest impact. These skills are learned over many years of practice.