Friday, October 14, 2011

Explore the world thru the lens

Explore the World thru the lens.

Photographers use the lens to explore their world. They explore the light and/or the absence of light. They explore it in color - vibrant colors, mute color, black and white - contrast and saturation. They explore it in motion, movement, or has it stands still. They explore its various shapes and size. They explore its moods, its emotions, its temperament.

Explore your world through the lens. Instead of taking your standard 'tourist' shot. Compose the image - look for shapes, color, design, light, shadows, movement, stillness, mood. If you do that you will see a whole new world. Instead of pointing and shooting, why not stop and enjoy the tulips, in other words - take your time, look, listen and feel.

Photo by Tony Locke
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