Wednesday, April 27, 2011

What Were You Thinking?

This is from the 'dedication page' in the new book titled, "What Were You Thinking". A collection of photographs from the students of Dick Garvey. Soon to be available on Blurb...

"What were you thinking?" was a Garveyism quote his students heard quite often. Sometimes in jest, sometimes out of curiosity, but mostly to get them thinking about 'why' they took that particular photograph. This book is dedicated to Dick Garvey - as a man we respected, a photographer we admired, and a teacher who inspired us. He taught us the basics of photography, and more importantly, how to strive to be better photographers.

Dick Garvey enjoyed teaching. He was a natural at it and had that special gift that made his students strive for more and enjoy every minute of it. He was awed and inspired by their dedication and determination to constantly imporove.

His passion for photography was evident in his photographs, his passion for teaching was evident in his students’ photographs. This book is a collection of their passion and his.

We dedicate this book in memory of all that you have taught us, in photography and in life. We will miss you greatly, but we will carry with us always what you taught us. Whenever we set up our cameras and start to capture that photograph, we will hear you saying, "What were you thinking?". We were thinking about you and all that we learned from you.

Thank you!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

In the Zone

Producing photography classes, owning a business that specializes in photography services and being part of a large camera club, I am always surrounded by photographers. Until recently I wasn't really 'one of them'. They always talked about how much they enjoy photography because while they are out there shooting the whole world seems to slip away - stress, worries, aches and pains, their whole focus is on that moment and nothing else - They are in the ZONE.

Now not being one of them (an actual "photographer") I didn't have any practical experience to refer to. What they said made sense and I did not doubt them, I just had not experienced anything like it, until recently. About 9 months ago I decided I really should "join the crowd" and take up photography. A friend gave me her camera (she moved up the line in cameras) and off to practicing I went.

Whenever we get a chance, my friend Anne and I, take a day and go shooting together. Last weekend we spent the afternoon in La Conner, photographing whatever struck our fancy. We stopped in a store in town where a friend works to say hi. This wonderful store has a vast array of colorful objects they import from other countries. Anne and I, passed some time photographing things in the store. It wasn't until later that I realized, that while in the store photographing, I was in the ZONE! I totally forgot where I was, or that the store was full of people. I was so focused on my photography that all else slipped away. As I thought about it later, I wondered how many people were paying attention to Anne and I, wondering what we were doing and why. It was then that I realized I was not paying attention to them.

So my advice, whenever life seems too much, pick up your camera and go find THE ZONE and let the world slip away, even if only for a moment.