Sunday, May 22, 2011

Landscape workshop turns wild....

Not all things go according to plan, and our San Juan workshop was no exception. We planned (planned being the operative word) a 2 day workshop on the beautiful island of San Juan (Washington State). The workshop's focus was wide-angle photography. Some of the landscapes and areas we planned on photographing was; American Camp, English/British Camp, the poppy fields, sculpture park, sunset at Lime Kiln and some others.

Well first let me say, that photographing in western Washington state is always risky. Our weather is most uncooperative sometimes and this weekend was no exception. After what was a beautiful, sunny week, it decided to become cold, rainy and the gray skies were back, just in time for the weekend - this was not the part of the original forecast (but then they are almost never right). At American camp, we were hoping for early morning light, instead there was no light, gray skies, and rain. The sunset photograph we planned to do from Lime Kiln State Park didn't go as planned because - well there was no sunset. The poppy fields we planned on photographing was not in bloom yet - there was a total of seven poppies, not really a field of poppies. The whole weekend was this way.

So what do you do when a workshop doesn't go according to plan? You improvise and then let luck intervene. When you have a group of people who paid money to learn something and to enjoy their weekend of photography, you need to find something for them to do and hopefully quickly. Our landscape, wide-angle photography workshop turned WILD. We found wildlife to photograph; baby foxes (they were so cute and playful), deer, and lucky for us a local person on the island, who at 5:00 pm sharp, would feed the feral cats, foxes, ravens and the most exciting of all - Eagles. There we were when all of the sudden out of the sky and trees we were surrounded by eagles. They would fly by then swoop down to pick up the goodies, that the good Samaritan, left behind, then fly back up into the trees. This went on for over a half hour. It was fascinating just to watch.

Life, in general, doesn't always go according to plan, but sometimes what happens instead is just as great, if not better. So if your landscape is a little off and not quite working, turn it into something WILD, sometimes the extra little excitement that brings, shakes you up enough to get you out of your comfort zone and let's you enjoy yourself even more.