Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A Visual Journey - A road to find our creative self

As artists, much of our creativeness comes from within. It is then somewhat influenced by external flashes of inspiration.

We take many paths during our Visual Journey. Some paths take us on a high road leading us to places that allow our creative energy to flow and taking our work to some of the highest peaks. Other paths take us in a downward spiral, zapping us of our creative energy and we may sink into some abyss.

These past few years, so many of us have been on that downward spiral,traveling downhill either emotionally, spiritually, financially and/or creatively. For a period of time (thankfully a short one) I found my creative spirit gone. There was nothing within me. Not only did I not feel creative, I couldn’t be creative.

To find the path leading back up the hill, I surrounded myself with creative people that I admire. This sort of energy helped pull me from the abyss and showed me the way to starting a new journey. I can now feel the creative energy starting to swirl around me again, increasing the creative juices from within. Once in awhile our creative energy needs to be inspired, to get that creative blood pumping again. I look forward to my next Visual Journey.

Ultimately we have to look within, but a little outside influence doesn’t hurt. Sometimes it may just be what we need to give us that nudge towards a new Visual Journey.