Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Unexpected Happened

This summer I started a series called, "Spur of the Moment". The intent was to get people out photographing. It was also, from a business and marketing point of view, a way for Alternative Focus to stay in front of it's customers.

How it worked. I would post an upcoming "Spur of the Moment" and then ask people to send me 2-3 photographs to share. For the most part it worked and was a lot of fun.

During all of this, something unexpected happen - a lot of the "Spur of the Moments" were centered around community events, so I spent a lot of time going to local community events - and I found myself not only enjoying photographing, but I found myself feeling 'grateful' at each event for living is such a vibrant, active, loving, giving, and fun community. My "Spur of the Moments" weren't just about photography anymore, or keeping my customers/students involved, it became more about the community in which I live and enjoy.

You don't have to travel to enjoy photography. Your own backyard is the perfect place to photograph. Happy "Spur of the Moment", it truly does 'just happen in a spur of a moment', so keep your cameras ready at all times.