Sunday, July 15, 2012

The Art and Soul of Photography

The best camera, the biggest sensor, the newest, or the latest - may help images look somewhat better, but this does not make someone a 'photographer', or an 'artist'. I was recently asked to be the blogging editor for a new blog, "As I See It".   The purpose of the blog - to focus on the passion, the art, the soul of a true photographer. To get a glimpse of the artist within. Not the technical or what gear they use. It is the soul of the photographer that we wanted to focus on.

I am surrounded by photographers. I belong to the Skagit Valley Camera Club and I organize/produce photography workshops, so I get to see a lot of  images. Not everyone is a 'great' photographer, nor are all images technically correct, but it is the passion behind them that really shows in their work and it is what drives them. This is the true inspiration, it is not what kind of gear they have, it is their soul that shows through. In this way I am very lucky and grateful to be surrounded by such passion and beauty.

In our workshops we do teach the technical, but we also try to instill the passion, the creative side of photography, hopefully pushing our students to be more than just someone with a camera.

by Tony Locke